Aromatic Body Treatment

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Our skilled team offers several body contouring treatments to help you achieve the healthy, attractive, and toned appearance that you desire. We are confident that our expertise and our advanced technologies can help you achieve your dreams and reach your goals.

Anti-Cellulite Modeling Massage and Refining Saunamask

Your Beauty Therapist massages the skin with the ANTI-CELLULITE DETOXIFYING OIL helping to reduce stubborn cellulite while refining the silhouette. Thanks to the high-penetration and natural energy, anti-fat Essential Oils act at the core of the skin to reduce visible cellulite. The treatment ends with an incredible Clay and Green Tea mask with a
‘’SAUNA EFFECT ‘’The exceptional absorbing power of the Clay detoxifies and drains the tissues. The SAUNA MASK filters out the water that clogs the tissue for an instant slimming effect.

This treatment offering free samples of Guinot product

Skin Renewal Exfoliation,Anti-Stress Sculpting massage and Sun Kissed tanning

The skin is exfoliated with this exceptional ,100% natural treatment with a base of Kiwi Extract and Sugars.The skin is freed of dead cells and more effectively profits from the caring active ingredients.This extremely gentle exfoliation leaves the skin AMAZINGLY SILKY, Then relaxing,energizing sculpting treatment with Essential Oil offers a genuine moment of bliss.The Anti-Stress sculpting massage provides an instant feeling of well-being and serenity, The treatment ends with the application of the self-tanning CORPS D’Ete gives your skin a desire glow. Your tan looks radiant, golden and natural.

This treatment offering free samples of Guinot product

Ultrasonic Body Slimmer (1 treatment)
Ultrasonic Body Slimmer (5 treatments)
Ultrasonic Body Slimmer (7 treatments)